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Why buy from us


Firstly, our emphasis is on quality. We know that if we supply a computer system with premium quality components that has been tested at a competitive price, you the customer will be happy to recommend us. All companies have a business progression strategy and ours is quite simply quality.


Service is the next key factor that sets us aside from the rest. Our aim is to ensure that you receive the best advice and information when purchasing a computer system that can be a critical tool either at home or work. If you are unsure which computer to order to fulfill your needs please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Back up and support

All our systems are assembled using quality branded components that undergo thorough bench testing to exacting standards to ensure that your new computer will give years of service for the tasks intended. However, things can occasionally go wrong and components can fail, that's why our systems come with a full one years warranty with the peace of mind that if a system suffers a hardware failure we will replace the faulty component(s). We are also there for the little problems too, with out technical support line open from 9-6 Monday to Friday.