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Special Offers

The following is a list of special offers available now: 27/03/17

Deep Blue SuperFast - Antec midi case, Intel i7 7700 Kaby lake processor, 16GB DDR4 RAM, Asrock H110M motherboard, intel HD graphics, Kingston 240Gb SSD drive, Windows 10 Home. £849.00

ipad Air 16Gb wi-fi £299.00 - second user - 30 day warranty

New Lenovo Intel N3540 processor 15.6" screen 4Gb RAM 120Gb SSD Windows 10 home £349.00

New Lenovo i3 processor 15.6" screen 4Gb RAM 500Gb Hybrid hard drive £399.00

New Lenovo i5 processor 15.6 screen 8Gb RAM 500Gb Hybrid hard drive £499.00

Microsoft Office 2016 Home & Student - Word, Excel, Powerpoint £119.00

AutoCad Profesional base unit. Intel i7 32Gb RAM Kingston Fury 240Gb SSD 2Tb (secondary) Nvidia Quadro 2000k video card Antec Edge PSU Antec Silencio super silent case Windows 7/10 Professional £1699.00. Built to order. 

Or change Quadro video card for Nvidia GTX1060 6Gb for amazing gamers machine.












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